Wednesday, November 26

Christmas is coming

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Break out the decs and pour an *advoccat. It's that time of year...
If your not feeling quite up to seasons cheer and festive feelings just yet come and visit our annual Christmas Market to get you in the mood. This Sunday 11-4 here in Stoneygate Leicester.

Tina, Esther & Debbie x

Our Styling, Props & Location ©Nick Carter/Debbie Johnson

*advocaat |ˈadvəkɑː|
noun [ mass noun ] a liqueur made with eggs, sugar, and brandy.
ORIGIN 1930s: from Dutch, literally ‘advocate’ (being originally considered a lawyer's drink).

Add lemonade to make a snowball...

Thursday, November 6

Apothecary Jars

In my styling work and at home I love to use jars to display collections, keepsakes and colour, here a collection of hand blown duck eggs and enamel powders, sit happily with a jar of powder blue bath salts and a faded silk flower.

Image showing Powder Blue - Props, Styling, Location from the book Winter Living by Selina Lake ©Ryland Peters & Small Ltd/Debi Treloar

 More jars, here with cotton buds & cotton wool.
Styling Props Location Powder Blue © Photography Simon Whitmore
Apothecary Jars. All shapes and sizes...
I like to arrange in groups, of varying designs and sizes.
Endless possibilities...

Apothecary Jars
Jars from Powder Blue Store

Let me know what you would put in yours?


Jars available at Powder Blue.