Sunday, July 31

Emery & Cie

I stumbled on EMERY & Cie by chance, whilst on a buying trip in Belgium,  some beautifully coloured tiles drew me in...

Entering into the unassuming shop of Emery & Cie in Brussels for the first time, I was totally unaware what treasures were to await me and the hours I would spend wandering through this palace of colour and texture. Some may find crumbling walls and peeling paint a total turn off, but for me it's my Shangri-La, and a love affair I have never forgotten {that was 6 years ago}. I was blown away by the atmosphere of the place and I loved it all.

I recollect stepping through a dingy passage way into the vast main stairwell of the building. The staircase looked wobbly and the treads had a distinct lean; could I really go up there? Nothing indicated I could or more precisely, nothing said I couldn't; so ascend I did... 

And so I fell in love with EMERY & Cie... not only the place, but the product as well. It is a symbiosis of the two and heart achingly beautiful. What a talent Agnès Emery is.

Brussels is a very stylish and friendly city,  with lots to tempt you, let's not forget those Belgian Chocolates!!! I stayed at LE DIXSEPTIEME  walking distance to EMERY & Cie

EMERY & Cie. Rue de l'Hôpital 27, Brussels 1000

Tuesday, July 12

Prop Hire for Harlequin Harris

Powder Blue have been loaning props to Harlequin Harris for many years.
Our props have often featured in their advertising campaigns and sample books.
I wanted to share with you some of those images...
Some may appear very familiar, to you... Let me know if they do!

Decadence Collection
Indulgence Collection
Lakia Collection
Lakia Collection
Lavera Collection

Romanie Collection
Romanie Collection
Tamika Collection
Lakia Collection

Thursday, July 7

Sea View in Kernow

Dear Diary.
A long weekend by the sea for some R & R...
Looking out over The English Channel
Peeking over the high hedge rows that are so indicative of Cornwall, we crane our necks to be the first to see the sea... reminiscent of childhood; it's that thrill I feel, the anticipation and excitement of being by the sea, and all it's possibilities; beach combing, rock pooling, snorkelling, looking for crabs, collecting shells, skimming pebbles, cliff top walks...

{For many an artist it has, and continues to be a source of so much inspiration}
Sea Urchin & Tea in bed - Driftwood

Listening to the sound of waves lapping below and curlews peeling overhead, I'm looking out over the sea, whilst having a cup of tea in the luxury of my bed - can it get any better than this? Sometimes we are disappointed in our choices; somehow they don't quite come up to our expectations, this time I can't believe how lucky I am, this place is a slice of heaven.

There is no where I feel more at home, than when I'm by the sea, and here at the Driftwood, I couldn't be any closer. Meandering down to the rocky cove I feel I'm walking in the pages of "Rebecca".

Sea view
The Hotel interiors and bed rooms are relaxed Beach House. Inviting big cosy chairs, linens and faded blues, piles of "must look" books, hurricanes, candles, sand and shells. A telescope to watch the passing yachts out at sea and to investigate the ever changing craggy coast line.

Flip Flops - Driftwood

After breakfast, we are taking the little path down to our beach, a picnic of fresh local crab, home made bread and a bottle of Cornish bubbly...

How lovely it is to be by the sea! 

{Catherine Du Maurier wrote my favourite novel in 1938 whilst living at nearby Fowey. She lived here until 1967; on the river next to where the Bodinnick Ferry now runs}

{Kernow is Cornish for Cornwall}