Thursday, February 24

Book giveaway...

Romantic Style Book Giveaway...
Pop over to my new friend at a la parisienne for the details.
Debbie x

Powder Blue Styling, Props, Location. ©Ryland Peters Small/Debi Treloar

Romantic Style book by Selina Lake and Sara Norrman
Photographs by Debi Treloar. Published by Ryland Peters & Small

A thank you...

I hold Mandy Locke in high esteem, her blog "a la parisienne" was a great inspiration when I set out into the world of blogging - I love the look and feel, of her blog very feminine and romantic, combined with beautiful images and thoughtful words, it remains one of my favorites.

So you can imagine I was very flattered when she asked to write a post about me!!!

The resulting post "powder blue a beautifully hidden corner" is wonderful, and I am so thrilled, not only for the kind words, but also for the new friends that have visited me here...

Thank you Mandy

Monday, February 21

Victoriana Glass Domes

Popular with the Victorians.
Victorian style glass domes are now seeing a come back.
I have collected them for years, some have old taxidermy, odd treasures displayed within...
©Simon Whitmore/Debbie Johnson

©Simon Whitmore/Debbie Johnson

Sunday, February 20

Gardening on my mind...

Things are sprouting in the garden.
Snow drops have been here since the last snow fall, 
and now I can see the fresh green tips of tulips peeping out; 
so many good things to look forward to...
Debbie x