Friday, August 5

Raksha Bandan

On the August full moon day of each year, the festival of Raksha Bandan is celebrated {this year it falls on the 13th}.
A particularly endearing and special festival where sisters tie a Rakhi thread bracelet to their brother's wrist reminding them of their special bond.
These pretty bracelets come in an array of colours and designs, that was enough for me to want to find out more...

{the band of thread is considered stronger than any iron chains, as it binds the relationship in an inseparable bond of love and trust}

The sisters tying of the beautiful, Rakhi thread bracelet to her brother's wrist is a token of her love and affection, in return the brother promises to always protect her. What a beautiful sentiment...

A promise is always special whether it be between a brother and sister, or to show care and affection to any family member or treasured friend. This lead me to think about how I could participate in this beautiful ceremony. Sometimes the bond of friendship, with a true friend, is like that of a sibling. And couldn't we all do with a bit of protection?

I don't have a brother, but I would like to stretch the meaning to be able to extend this lovely tradition to my family and friends. I hope the bracelet's appeal and symbolic meaning captivates you as it has me.

Thursday, August 4

j'aime le rose. j'aime le gris

  Belgium not too far from France, Brussels not a million miles from Paris 
and à la parisienne is the name of a blog that is never very far from my browser history.
I'm sure most followers of PB blog already know Mandy, if not her blog then perhaps you have seen a beautifully styled image on Pinterest or purchased some of her lovely cards or corsages from Etsy - if you don't, then your in for a treat - an insight into this lovely ladies style and inspirations… 

*Mandy abides not in Paris, but thousands of miles from France in the State of Texas {USA}, so why the blog, and why the name à la parisienne?

"I chose the name à la parisienne for my blog 2 and a half years ago because, to me, a Parisian woman is thought to have effortless style, confidence, appreciation of her femininity, and a romantic mindset. The longer I blog, the more I am able to explore and uncover my true sense of style."

Mandy Locke and her style

* Where does the your love of France come from and your attraction and pull towards all things french?

"I taught high school French & English for 5 years… I love France and the French language, I have traveled several times to Paris and France and am always longing to return."

* Mandy opened her Etsy shop a year and a half after starting à la parisienne.  Initially to promote her graphic design work, then later expanding the  business to making cards and framed art, handmade & vintage accessories, creating beautiful accessories for Gifts and Weddings. Mandy relays..

"Since I was a child, I have enjoyed all things related to clothing and fashion - fabrics, ribbons, vintage buttons. I remember sitting on the floor of my mom's sewing room, sewing buttons to scraps of fabric. I enjoy using thrifted and vintage items for decorating my home, party props, my wardrobe, and for items created to sell in my Etsy."

* By choice Mandy is a stay at home Mum, juggling the love of her blog and business with family life and spending time with her daughter, Amelia,

"I enjoy singing and dancing along to our favourite music, water colouring, drawing, playing the piano, cooking, working in the vegetable garden and reading English and French children's stories"

* When you get the chance to visit à la parisienne you will notice a  romantic and enchanting feel, beautiful imagery and great ideas and a signature colour theme that runs through….

"I love pink. I love gray"
 {j'aime le rose. j'aime le gris.}

Merci Beaucoup Mandy…

Go find her here...

à la parisienne