Sunday, July 31

Emery & Cie

I stumbled on EMERY & Cie by chance, whilst on a buying trip in Belgium,  some beautifully coloured tiles drew me in...

Entering into the unassuming shop of Emery & Cie in Brussels for the first time, I was totally unaware what treasures were to await me and the hours I would spend wandering through this palace of colour and texture. Some may find crumbling walls and peeling paint a total turn off, but for me it's my Shangri-La, and a love affair I have never forgotten {that was 6 years ago}. I was blown away by the atmosphere of the place and I loved it all.

I recollect stepping through a dingy passage way into the vast main stairwell of the building. The staircase looked wobbly and the treads had a distinct lean; could I really go up there? Nothing indicated I could or more precisely, nothing said I couldn't; so ascend I did... 

And so I fell in love with EMERY & Cie... not only the place, but the product as well. It is a symbiosis of the two and heart achingly beautiful. What a talent Agnès Emery is.

Brussels is a very stylish and friendly city,  with lots to tempt you, let's not forget those Belgian Chocolates!!! I stayed at LE DIXSEPTIEME  walking distance to EMERY & Cie

EMERY & Cie. Rue de l'Hôpital 27, Brussels 1000


  1. Gorgeous post! I really enjoyed this!
    Pamela xo

  2. Thanks Pamela, so pleased you did - a bit of a trip down memory lane for me

  3. Debbie,
    I can see exactly why you love this place-those shades of turquoise and aqua are gorgeous! I also love those beautifully patterned tiles and walls.
    I hope that you are enjoying your summer!


  4. Those colors are great and the photos in the hotel (right?) make me miss my buying trips to Europe back when I was merchandising... Have you been to Antwerp? That is another amazing city. Can't read a word on the street signs but it was so beautiful to wander through the city. And the best stores too! It's all about Weiner Werkstatte in Antwerp!
    xo CP


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