Thursday, June 23

Open Gardens Arnesby

Arnesby Village Open Gardens this coming Sunday 26th June.
After much persuasion, I am opening our garden at home, with nine other lovely gardens to raise money for the village.  Our garden is featured in the book Romantic Style.
 You will probably smell the lilies before you see them, they are in full bloom and looking beautiful. The perfume is intoxicating and they smell wonderful, sadly the delphiniums and peonies have really past their best but are hanging on. The roses look lovely, so I am hoping they won't get too battered by any rain before the day.

Image from the Book Romantic Style

Image from the Book Romantic Style
 £3 Entry
Plant Quiz £1
Children's Scarecrow Competition

Orchard Cottage - Cottage garden and studio of Artist Peter Welton
Cambridge House - Kitchen garden - Ploughman's Lunches, Raffle, Ice Creams
Old Beams - Cottage garden with vegetables and field views- Cream Teas
The Croft - Small newly planted garden
The Gables - Mature hedged garden - Cakes
Oak Lodge - Walled water garden
The Hawthorns - Ornamental garden & vegetables
Old Shoulder House - Walled garden with box hedge parterre
Arnesby School - Newly constructed raised beds
The Old Cottage - Pets, birds & fish pond

St Peter's Church  - Tea and biscuits

Lets hope it's a sunny day and I won't be saying...
"if only you could have seen the garden last week it looked lovely" 

Here you go Colette - Pictures from the day...  
A beautiful hot sunny day in Arnesby : ) with lots of visitors too!!!


  1. How Lovely Debbie, I wish I could come along I just love your garden - Debi & I are flying off to Denmark on Sunday for more shooting on book no.3 Homespun Style - fingers crossed the Sun comes out to play in Arnesby Village x

  2. Thank you Selina x
    Have a good trip, let me know if I can help with the new book...
    Love to you both

  3. Debbie,

    I would love to visit your garden...If only you weren't SO far away!
    I am sure the visitors to your garden will be enchanted!


  4. Hello Mandy,
    Come visit the next time you plan a trip to Paris!!!

  5. Hello Debbie, hope it was a great day - please share some of the garden pic's with us? enjoy your week, greetings from Afrique du Sud ~ Colette

  6. Wish I could come visit. Your gardens look divine! Fiona

  7. Thank you Fiona, It was a lovely day.

  8. Hello Debbie, absolutely divine..I litteraly tried to get "into" the images with my nose pressed agains the monitor- I can see that it was a lovely day,and perfect weather. thank you for sharing the images..specially adore the box gardens..oh what am I it all! XO Colette ~ Afrique du Sud


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